COMING Nov 29, 2016: James Watson to speak on GOLDEN EAGLES!

ABC WELCOMES James Watson, raptor expert with the Department of Fish & Wildlife.  $10 honorarium.  James Watson will tell us the latest on Golden Eagles in Washington on November 29, 2016, 6:45 PM.  VENUE: Pierce County Library Administration Bldg, 3005 112th Street East, Tacoma, WA 98446-2215, near Hwy 512 & Waller Rd.

Golden Eagles of Washington: Population Status, Ecology, and Threats

Ironically, recent interest in North America’s other eagle, the Golden Eagle, stems from impacts on this species from green energy development. Yet throughout history the species has continued to survive human interaction from their prized value and use in Native American cultures, large scale aerial gunning and poisoning in the mid-20th century, and ongoing impacts from electrocution and lead poisoning.  Join us as we explore what current research reveals about natural history of Golden Eagles in Washington including population dynamics, aspects of breeding and wintering ecology, and major threats potentially limiting the future population. Bring your questions, whether related to field identification or weight-lifting capacity of an eagle, and we’ll attempt to “de-myth” their secretive lifestyle.

James Watson is a raptor expert with the Dept of Fish&Wildlife

James Watson is a raptor expert with the Dept of Fish&Wildlife

Jim Watson is a Wildlife Research Scientist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the lead researcher for statewide raptor studies.  He has spent the past 40+ years studying raptors in the western United States and abroad.  Jim’s research focus includes raptor population dynamics, migration ecology, and management of raptors in human landscapes. His recent work evaluates impacts of wind energy and lead contaminants on golden eagles and ferruginous hawks.

Photo/Hillary Schwirtlich

Banding a young Golden Eagle


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