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ABC Birding is a birding club starting up in Tacoma, WA. We began as a way for graduates of Ken Brown’s advanced birding class (hence ABC) to continue to enjoy each others company in a learning environment and on birding field trips. We have since morphed into a local birding club open to anyone interested, not just graduates of Ken’s birding classes.  We try to provide a venue for continued classes taught by members to each other, to bring interesting and talented expert speakers to meetings, and to organize field trips to both familiar and new areas.  Members will be expected to participate in presentations, by leading field trips or both.  
We aim to complement Tahoma Audubon by providing support to their efforts while lending more birding focused opportunities for our members.

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  1. Can you post a kmz (google earth file) so that people can click on it and it launches> We are banding JULY 4th, and I would like to invite ABC people out to visit (field trip).

  2. Lily,
    Sorry to be so late in speaking and keeping in contact with you. ABC Birding Club is going to be in Washtucna again this September. The trip starts on the 6th and will end on the 8th. I think Ken and maybe Ed are planning the routes out and would really like some updates on what’s coming through and your thoughts on the best stops in your area. We will be camping overnight at Bassett Park one night, don’t know if you’ll be around, but would be nice to meet with you if you are. You’ve got some great pics of birds on your FLICKR site, pretty cool dragonflies, et al, too!

  3. Hey, will be fun to meet all of you. There were two bird watchers in the park today from Kennewick and said a lot of birds are coming through the park I have some stopping in the yard, I need to ID one of them yet. We have the grandkids but will find time to get down to the park I hope!

  4. Thanks for stopping in Washtucna, was fun meeting you and wish I could have visited longer! Let me know when you are in the area again and hope you have fun down at Palouse Falls.

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