Charlie Wright on eBird.

Our second ABCBirding club meeting at the University Place Round Table Pizza featured Charlie Wright presenting on eBird, the Cornell University site for birders to post their birding checklists for safekeeping and to contribute to citizen science. I know I learned a lot, especially the changes in recent years that make data entry much faster and easier than it was years ago when I first tried out eBird.

Some cool things I learned was how to use the site finder map to quickly zoom in to locate the area you are birding for data entry by site, how to use the site for information on seasonal patterns down to incredible detail on each species, and how to share checklists with other eBirders. If on our field trips all of us use eBIrd, we can each keep and enter a checklist for each location we bird, and then just share all the checklists. Many hands will make light work of the data entry.

Charlie was also kind enough to share his power point presentation through a file sharing site, so if you want to refer to the presentation you can *click here .*

It would be great to see everyone join eBird and list their eBird user names below as comments so we can generate a cut and paste list of eBird user names to share checklists.

For those of you who learn better via videos, here is a YouTube video put out by Cornell.


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