Larkwire Talk by Phil Mitchell

Tonight at the UP Library meeting Phil Mitchell, founder of Larkwire, an interactive web based learning tool for birders to learn bird songs, presented telling us about the app.  It is a web based app, now also available as an iPhone and iPad app.  The two are separate tools.  The web based program will work from any internet connection, and after purchase of the program for an amazingly inexpensive price (less than purchasing the east or west Stokes or Peterson CDs) you’ll be able to log on from any location, home, laptop at work, iPhone, iPad, etc.  The specific iPhone or iPad app is a stand alone app that works only on the device you purchase it from.  (not sure if you can use on more than one device using iTunes synch if you have both a iPhone and iPad)

I bought the web based app on the drive home from Kay’s iPad.  (they accept credit cards and paypal)  I’m very excited, but using 3G on the iPad it is frustratingly slow, so I can see why the iPad app would be popular if you plan to use it a lot in the field.  For me I think the usual web-based app will be preferable, but I suspect Kay will buy the iPad app.

You should all rush to the Larkwire site now to get this great new tool to make learning birding by ear a less daunting task.  I tried going to the TAS site and couldn’t find an affiliate code there, but entered the TAHAUD code and it seemed to be accepted, so I suspect that is the code for TAS to get an affiliate sales commission.  Also when you buy say you heard about Larkwire at the ABC meeting so Phil will know his talk to use was a good use of his time.

Prior to the program we heard an appeal from TAS for donations to cover an operating shortfall.  Also brief trip reports from the Morse Preserve bird banding field trip.

No meeting in August.  See you all at the Sept meeting or on a field trip sooner.

Good Birding.